Monday, July 26, 2010

Who is this book for?

Were your parents wise with money?

Did they teach you the simple life lessons that put you on the path to financial success? Or did you learn those lessons the hard way?

Or not at all?

Lessons to My Children is for anyone looking for the simple secrets and healthy habits that lead to financial success, wealth and abundance. Use this book to put yourself - and your future - back on track, or use these Lessons to give a young person the financial head start he or she needs to live a lifetime of financial freedom.

Money isn't the answer. Managing your money is.

Lessons to My Children will show you and the young people you love how to do just that and more.

Simple. Easy to read. Easy to use.

Lessons to My Children is the financial advice every parent should give their children.

And the wisdom children of all ages should follow!

- From Lessons to My Children